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Friday, April 16, 2010

Khara Pathar - Base Camp for Giri Ganga

After Kotkhai, we reach Khara Pathar. It was not less than a shock for us to find Khara Pathar to be just like an ordinary destination.
Local people told us that this place got this name from a Standing Stone at a temple. But that stone is no more & two years ago it gave way to a calamity.
However, sharing some phhotographs of Sunrise & some Misty Mountains at Khara Pathar, District Shimla.

From here, we were advised either to go to Hatkoti or to see the temple of Giri Ganga, atop a hill, a 7 Km long trek.

We decided to go for Giri Ganga.... wait for the next post.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Lonely Tree at Kotkhai Valley

From Fagu we moved on towards Khara Pathar, the base camp for Giri Ganga.
Kotkhai is a small town on the way. These are two pics. The Lonely Tree in the Kotkhai Vally and An Apple Orchard at Kotkhai.

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