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Friday, April 22, 2011

Images of Incredible India : Chitkul

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sometimes, Images fail to explain... let me try words ... the immense, overwhelming beauty of Kedarnath

If you think that its only a myth or only false stories that Dev-lok or Shiv-lok exist above this Prithvi-lok(mrityu-lok).... its time you travelled to KEDAR NATH. Once you start scaling heights on track to Kedar Nath, you will forget you belong to a mortal earth.... I swear, I swear, I swear !!!
I only wish I could take capture it all in photos... but ... ... aperture of your lens betrays you pathetically,  panoramic views cannot be taken in spherical shape, batteries give up... u replace them with back-up & that too exhausts, the views change by every second, u have got only two eyes to see in only one direction... ... camera, battery, lens.. all give up... You end up saying - " OK.. Let me enjoy in alone & let me print it all in my memory, my brain... all I can do later is to tell the other mortal earthlings who have never been to this place..." ,  praying that words do not betray you this time. camera in the world can capture what these two pair of eyes really see....The abode of Gods --Kedar Nath is ethereal...
.... its an out of the world experience... literally !!! its a 14 km trek along Alaknanda River (a branch of Ganga). You cross one huuuuuge mountain only to find a bigger one waiting to be crossed. Clouds remain kilometers beneath your feet.... the best feast for the sight comes in the end... when Sumeru Parvat in its full elegance reveals itself behind the majestic Kedar Nath Temple. The market near the temple does play a spoilsport, but u need to ignore it to savour the time of your life. 

... For a Hindu atleast, it's THE moment... a moment, for which he has waited for so many lives, so many reincarnations, so many births.  For others, it's hard for me to imagine, how others would feel it, because it is so enchanting for me that i cannot even imagine if even a non-hindu will not be touched by this so so immense & so so overwhelming beauty of this abode of Gods... 


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