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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Untouched, Virgin Beauty of Himalayas.... Chitkul, Sangla Valley

Himalayan peaks, Snow, Glacier, River Baspa...... what else do you want ???

one of THE BEST moments of my life... enjoying the beauty of Chitkul ...stretching myself atop a big rock

Snow Clad Himalayas..... Chitkul, Incredible India

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Incredicle Beauty-Incredible India- Chitkul, Sangla Valley

Photos say it all. Incredible Beauty.... more than justifies the slogan... Incredible India !!!
Chitkul &  Sangla Valley are the last points in this voyage. Photos are many, will keep posting in next this one & few more coming posts. With these we come to end of this journey.

If there is something called heaven anywhere, it must look like Chitkul.
Chitkul is a very small village in the lap of Himalayas, in the state of Himachal Pradesh, Incredible India.
This is in fact the last inhabited Indian village towards Tibet.  The place is so beautiful, so beautiful that one starts having doubt whether he is still on earth or has come to heaven. In fact, 4550 meters above the sea level, if you call it Cloud Nine, or even heaven, I don’t think it would be wrong.
The peaks are full of snow, not just peaks, the snow comes all the down to the bottom as you can very well see in these pics.
What touches one most about this place is the sheer virginity of this place. Very very few tourists, no agents clogging your path, no fancy hotels, no heaps of polythene, no rush, no nothing.  Pure serenity, pure peace, pure beauty…. No doubt you start feeling like whether you have come to a place other than this earth.  Some credit does go to the long, arduous path and the ignorance/avoidance of the local government to develop this place as a tourist hub.
The nearest well known place is Shimla – which is almost 250 kilometers i.e. almost 10 hours travel on a hilly road, and that too a quite undeveloped and tough road. Nearest major plain location with airport facility & good railway connectivity  is Chandigarh & that’s 350 Kilometers. That makes it a 14-15 hours of non stop  journey. 

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