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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Random Image : A Rickshaw Puller

A Rikshaw Puller in front of a five dome temple, Sarahanpur
Sarahanpur is one of the major towns of Western UP. Earlier we referred to a village near this town during our Badrinath / Kedarnath trip.
The above picture was clicked by a seven year old kid.
Till date, I haven't thought of claiming a copyright on images clicked by me & posted on this blog, but I'm sorry I can't extend the same to this image. This is an exclusive property of Mr. Ansh Chawla, Age 7, studying in class II, resident of Gurgaon, India. Image clicked on 21 May 2011.All rights reserved. (C).

Rampur Bushair : Last major town on the Journey to Kinnaur Kailash

After Shimla, the most populous town in this journey  is Rampur Bushair.
This is the last place where you get a decent stay, an ample supply of fuel for the onward journey. You should also carry a bit of extra fuel for the route as there are no petrol pumps for further 300 odd kilometers and the road is quite arduous.  

A Glimpse of Rampur Bushair
A Temple in the Centre of Rampur
 To quote HPTDC site :
There are many places for sight-seeing. Its old Hindu and Buddhist shrines include the Ragunath Temple, the Ayodhya Temple, the Narsingh Temple and the Dumgir Budh Temple which has a large prayer wheel and holds important scriptures. In an interesting colonial and traditional styles, the Padam Palace is one of Rampur's major attractions.

HPTDC operates Hotel Bushehar Regency here. A nice place to stay. 

In our case, we had shortage of time and sun was still visible in western sky when we reached Rampur. So we decided to move on & possible make it to Sarahan for our night's stay, which eventually turned out to be an excellent place, esp. The Bhimakali Temple at that place. More about Sarahan & the temple in next post.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Unexplored India - Kinnaur Kailash / Sangla Valley

Now we start towards some unknown/unexplored corners of Incredible India.

Again, Himalayas...Himachal... hills... mountains...valleys... snow... nature... beauty... beauty... beauty... Incredible beauty of Incredible India !

The basepoint is again Shimla, the capital of Himachal Pradesh.  In case you like pure nature, you would like to avoid this crowded city. But if you want to store essentials for your journey, this is the best place to get it all as chances for luxuries or even necessities get slimmer by every kilometer you cross from here. 
As we told in our earlier series of Giri Ganga Templefrom Shimla, crossing Kufri, we reach Fagu, from where the road divereges. One goes toawards Kotkhai, Khara Pathar,  Hatkoti, Jubbal, Rohru,and further onwards to Chanshal Range. 

The other one goes towards Tibet and is also known as Hindustan Tibet road. This is the road we take this time for our journey towards Kinnaur Kailash & Sangla Valley. 

Here are a few pics on the way :

First View of River Satluj :

 Mile Stone for the last point on Indian side. 246 kilometers from Ambala, 200 Kilometers from Chandigarh already and still 254 kilometers away....

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