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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Popular Destinations : Shimla


The speciality of our blog is to explore the untouched & little known places of India, but you always need a starting point for your journey. And it essentially has to be a well known place.
And of course, to let other persons know the route you need to mention popular travel destinations first as a reference point.

Its not that the popular places are not beautiful, they are... but they are also marred by crowd, travel agents, guides, businessmen, pollution, parking problems, commercialization & what not...

Here we present a few images of Shimla, a very popular tourist destination of North India.
First two images are some breathtaking views, quite serene & beautiful. One is the view from The Ridge and another is the image of a sunset... which is always afresh, always beautiful whenever & wherever you see it from.

Two images are of the City, Shimla. Seems beautiful from the view taken from a distance. Click to see the larger image, see closely the congestion, the traffic jam on the road... and you'll understand why we prefer to take a byepass from the popular tourist places.

In our next posts, We'll take you to Fagu, Kraignano, Kufri & Mhasu Peak. Of course, we'll be bypassing the Shimla City.

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