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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Mhasu Peak

We byepassed Shimla, to reach Kufri . From here, we move further up skywards, towards Mhasu Peak. Barely one kilometer ride on car & then you have to take a pony to reach the Mhasu Peak. It derives its name from a temple of Mhasu Nag (Snake God namely Mhasu), a deity of local tribes.

Few glimpses of breathtaking view catch your eyes from behine the dense forests while you are enjoying the poney ride & one is tempted to stop in between to go out into the woods to enjoy the fantastic view of Himalayan Mountains. But wait... dont hurry... Once you reach the peak & go to the temple, the forests are left behind and the beauty of nature is available in its completeness for you to enjoy. Just stand there, inhaling all the beauty inside you, because you know you are here for a few moments only & the beauty is so overwhelming to be absorbed with just two eyes.

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