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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Path to Giri Ganga

So, We start moving from Khara Pathar to Giri Ganga. A trekking I'll never forget. Here are a few pics of the path moving up to Giri Ganga Temple, supposedly approx 5000 yrs old.

Road is paved with Silver Dust presenting an amazing view. (The mountain is of Mica stone, the powder form shines no less that Silver).

It takes almost 45 minutes to cover 7-8 Kms of upward journey on a rough road barely wide enough for a single vehicle. You have to drive so slow out of the fear that sometimes you prefer to get down & walk on foot. Going through the jungle is a bad idea... we came to know this when, on the way back, we lost our way in the jungle & had to travel all the way back, wasting an hour or so .

The track itself was enjoyable, the destination all the more so.

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